Little Pink Book | Season 1

summer blues:ep 4

Summer Blues: Episode 4

Genre: Contemporary
Series: Little Pink Book: Season 1
Book number: Four
Main female character: Lainie
Harem: Thayne, Huxley, Reid, Becker, Kaxin, Grayson, Chad


Episode 4 Synopsis:

Lainie questions the efficacy of her Little Pink Book when she learns the hard way that even despite strategic goal setting, no one ever plans for heartbreak, especially not when it devastatingly turns your world upside down.

Season 1 Blurb:

What is the difference between a door, an elbow, and me?

The first two have been banged, and I have not.


That will soon change, though, because I refuse to step foot on college campus with my V-card still intact. Lainie Gray hereby swears to lose that thing once and for all before the end of summer vacation — which should be easy since I just so happen to live in one of the most popular beachy tourist destinations in the world.

Sexy summer flings abound.

If only my heart would stop leading me toward guys who are no good. After one breakup too many, the time has come for that particular organ to take a backseat.

Problem is, to get my head into the game, I need to shed several protective layers of myself first. Oh… clothes, too.

Cue panic.

I also need to stop using my friends as barricades so much. Carrick especially — my main bestie and roommate.

He would be my wingman, no questions asked, but I really need to take on this project solo. Plus, it would be kinda weird having him in the wings while I look for as many chip readers — ahem, guys — as possible to potentially slide my V-card into. The more options, the merrier, after all.

So, yeah, I need a plan. A smart one. Something bold… and brave.

A “little black book.”

Scratch that.

Make it pink instead.

This is a Reverse Harem Series which means the heroine will have a happily ever after with three or more men.

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This series has a unique story line about a naive virgin and her quest to loss her v-card before she starts college in the fall. Curious about her journey ends, continue her story in the next episode.


Some spice!! I’m glad Lainie is crossing some guys off her list, and adding an important one in.


Things are getting more complicated for Lainie now. There at quite a few names in the little pink book but not all of them are worthwhile and the list needs culling!


I’m really enjoying this series. The ups and downs and her learning new things. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


There is lots I could say about this book, the FMC and the MMCs (of which there are plenty) but, I won’t… It is angsty, drama filled and relatable in a way I was not expecting! What I will say is this… The feelings this series has evoked in me should be experienced first hand.

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