Little Pink Book | Season 1

Summer blues: Ep 3

Summer Blues: Episode 3

Genre: Contemporary
Series: Little Pink Book: Season 1
Book number: Three
Main female character: Lainie
Harem: Thayne, Huxley, Reid, Becker, Kaxin, Grayson, Chad


Episode 3 Synopsis:

With a dating calendar nearly as full as her work schedule, Lainie realizes not everything is as sunshiny as she hoped it would be, so she decides both her and her Little Pink Book are due for a makeover. After all, with opportunity comes change. But at what cost?

Season 1 Blurb:

What is the difference between a door, an elbow, and me?

The first two have been banged, and I have not.


That will soon change, though, because I refuse to step foot on college campus with my V-card still intact. Lainie Gray hereby swears to lose that thing once and for all before the end of summer vacation — which should be easy since I just so happen to live in one of the most popular beachy tourist destinations in the world.

Sexy summer flings abound.

If only my heart would stop leading me toward guys who are no good. After one breakup too many, the time has come for that particular organ to take a backseat.

Problem is, to get my head into the game, I need to shed several protective layers of myself first. Oh… clothes, too.

Cue panic.

I also need to stop using my friends as barricades so much. Carrick especially — my main bestie and roommate.

He would be my wingman, no questions asked, but I really need to take on this project solo. Plus, it would be kinda weird having him in the wings while I look for as many chip readers — ahem, guys — as possible to potentially slide my V-card into. The more options, the merrier, after all.

So, yeah, I need a plan. A smart one. Something bold… and brave.

A “little black book.”

Scratch that.

Make it pink instead.

This is a Reverse Harem Series which means the heroine will have a happily ever after with three or more men.

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Lainie is loving her best life in this book.


If you didn’t want to throw this one at the wall after that last chapter, we can’t be friends! Honestly though, this one was just as great as the previous two and I can’t wait to read more.


This series will keep you hooked from the begging to the end. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


I am really enjoying the story line, I find it is engaging and fast paced. I am very in love with almost everyone….well I was….. I love hearing all the POV’s and how they each think about Lainie. I will count down the days until the next one arrives in my kindle library!


Why are feelings so difficult? This poor, clueless girl has a smorgasbord of guys after her with no clue what to do. Wish I had her problems!

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