The Conduit Trilogy | Book 1

Make Me A Wish

Wish Granted

Genre: Paranormal
Series: The Conduit Trilogy
Book number: Three
Main female character: Arsyn Henley
Harem: Killian, Elijah, Zachary, and Talan Kismet


“Have you ever had all your wishes in life granted, only to betray everyone you love? I have…”

Arsyn Henley has finally moved in with her Jinn and is learning all there is to know about Jinn life and being the Archivist. On top of all of that, she is also helping her soon-to-be mother-in-law organise their Melding and her Archivist ceremony, and also learning how to fight, with and without magic. Everything is tainted by the darkness that has followed her around since her rescue, both in her dreams and in her waking hours.

Can she fight through that darkness and finally get the happily ever after she’s always dreamed of, or will it consume her completely?

The Kismet brothers Kill, Eli, Zach, and Tal are all dealing with the extra pressure and responsibilities from The Council to step up and be the Quad Jinn they want them to be for the upcoming battle with Draak. But it’s not that easy. Their powers have simmered down since the rescue, and while they can still feel Arsyn, access to their power is no longer an option. At least until their Melding. Adding to their stress is their worry for Arsyn, and the demons that still nip at her heels.

Can they support Arsyn until their Melding, or will everything they’ve worked for fall apart before it’s barely begun?

Finally get all the answers you’ve been wishing for in the final book of the Conduit Trilogy!

This is a Reverse Harem Trilogy which means the heroine will have a happily ever after with three or more men. This trilogy has darker themes and they include: mild language, abuse in foster care, the death of a close friend, magical stalking, magical torture, and kidnapping. There is no bullying within the harem. There is no on-page sexual assault in book one, however there is an attempt in book 2, Wishful Thinking. This book is recommended for 17+.

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I can’t believe this is the final book in this magical series!! Perfectly laid out finale in my opinion.


The heat was on point in this book. No more slow burn it was straight fire.


A brilliant end to a truly exciting series. The final half of the book kept me on tender hooks.


All my questions were answered and i almost didnt want to finish this series it was just soooo good!!! An amazing read i felt every emotion reading it!!


Make me a wish was one of the first books that I had ever read in this genre, and it was such an amazing book that I couldn’t wait for more! Now that I have just finished the third and final book in the series, I can honestly and happily say this is one of the best and one of my favorite series ever.

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